I am a professional musician with a passion for languages. This is why I am active in both the musical field and the publishing and translations domain. Through our family-owned publishing house we guide a manuscript on the wonderful path which transforms it into a book. We also provide translation services, working mainly from English, Italian and French into Romanian, but also from Romanian to English and Italian. My filology formation as well as the cultural dimension added by my musical specialization help me translate with pleasure and ease. My working skills include a constant striving for high quality results, attention to details, elegant and accurate translation. A very good command of my own language, Romanian, makes it easy for me to shape the rendition into a pleasant sounding and culturally adapted version of the original.

More on Byblos – Translations with a Heart
Homo Posteritas – A Travel through a Beautiful Book

Claudiu Iordache – Homo Posteritas (part I)

Claudiu Iordache – Homo Posteritas (part II)


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      19 December 1989. As they reach their workplaces, the people of Timisoara hear each other’s stories. One’s parent has not returned home since December 17. Another one’s spouse has not returned since December 18. For two days, the people of Timisoara have been counting their missing ones. Their stories spread all over the city like flashes […]
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