Musical Chronicles


“Straordinaria interpretazione dal suono stabilmente impostato e timbrato adeguatamente al messaggio artistico di una profonda sensibilita intrisa di fede ed all’insegna di un autentico estetismo vocale camerale. Bravissima!”

(Dr. Stephan Poen – Roma, Italia)

“Cristina Iordachescu’s charming timbre and precision of intonation…”

(Iosif Sava – The Music)

“… a musician full of nobility and artistic refinement…”

(Doru Popovici – The Week)

“… a mezzosoprano with a rich, generous timbre, with particular quality, enveloping and expressive, whose interpretation is already standing out on the same coordinates that have marked her father’s entire musical evolution – distinction, sensibility, refinement, sustained by a solid musical culture. A good leading of the phrase, a good technique and a profound knowledge in the stylistic plan, traits confirmed in the bubbling mozartian duetto interpreted together with her father, the baritone Dan Iordachescu.”

(Anca Florea – The Week)

“In the recent artistic event from the Radio Hall, the mezzosoprano Cristina Iordachescu has impressed us profoundly! Between her refined musicality, which we have pointed out so may times, and the vocal technique, a consonance with multiple resonances has been created. We were simply amazed by the easiness with which she rendered the famous ‘Laudamus Te’ by Mozart, then the lieder ‘Ridente la calma’… In Schubert’s case, she proved a remarkable sense of the phrasing, and then, presenting us masterpieces of Enescu’s lyric, showed us that she knows how to render the confessional lyricism of that music, destined to resist time. In the second part of this wonderful evening of authentic music, Cristina Iordachescu has sung for us arias from the operas ‘Werther’ by Massenet, ‘Mignon’ by Ambroise Thomas, ‘La Favorita’ by Donizetti and ‘Don Carlos’ by Verdi. We emphasize, again, the easiness with which the mezzosoprano passes from a musical style to another, a fact that shows a solid musical culture. To all these, a polychromy of nuances is added, expression of an early talent…”

(Doru Popovici – The Music)

“Mezzosoprano Christina Iordachescu has a voice of superior quality – earthy in the lower register, divine in the middle and velvety in the high register. In Mozart’s ‘Voi che sapete’ she etched a most delightful melodic line, so transparent and elegant. ‘Mon coeur’ from ‘Samson et Dalila’ by Saint-Saens unfolded spontaneously with a haunting tenderness. In the short pieces of Schubert and Debussy, she capably projected the natural beauty of her voice, so unaffected and pure. The delivery of the entire repertoire, including five Philippino songs, had shown thoroughness. Indeed, not a rough edge could be felt. Her songs just unfolded, as clear as crystal, free of any vocal imperfection.”

(”The unaffected beauty of the mezzo” by Antonio C. Hila, The Manila Chronicle)

“Mezzosoprano Christina Iordachescu has shown a brilliant and penetrating mezzo voice, with a remarkable timbre.”

(Klaus Kessler – Neuer Weg)

“Christina Iordachescu, daughter of the great baritone Dan Iordachescu, fascinating in the mezzosoprano arias from ‘La Clemenza di Tito’ by Mozart and ‘La Favorita’ by Donizetti. Here she has shown an absolute operistic level.”

(Susanne Haase – General Anzeiger, Bonn)

“The voice of mezzosoprano Cristina Iordachescu has convinced through her sweetness, and in the low register through a very pleasant and resonant timbre, in the air of Cherubino and in the part, dedicated to love, of Dalila by Saint-Saens.”

(Winfried Kuhne – Bad Pyrmont)

“The elegiac debut of Romeo and Juliet by Berlioz, a kind of ‘once upon a time’, sustained by the choir and especially by the generous, elegant and confessive line of the mezzosoprano, impeccably interpreted by Cristina Iordachescu-Iordache, whose warm, qualitative voice, with a refined phrasing and led with intelligence, has been unanimously applauded and appreciated by the public in the Radio Hall…”

(Anca Florea – The Cultural Observer)

“Dans la Messe en re, op 40, de Dafydd Bullock, les deux voix de femme, nuancees, merveilleusement timbrees et complementaires, sont celles de deux soeurs, la soprano Irina Iordachescu et la mezzo-soprano Christina Iordachescu-Iordache. (…) La mezzo-soprano, aux merveilleuses teintes vocales, avait des sonorites de velours. (…) Dans la Requiem en re mineur K626 de Mozart, la basse riche et eloquente, le tenor au timbre pur, s’y joignaient a la soprano virtuose au phrase souple, a la mezzo-soprano aux resonances captivantes et profondes. Toutes les interventions des quatre solistes avaient une grace musicale empreinte de gravite. Elles touchaient aussi bien par leur engagement emotionnel puissant que par leur style parfaitement classique.”

(Hilda van Heel – Luxemburger Wort)

VOICE OF THE PUBLIC – YouTube comments

“Heartbreakingly beautiful and stirring. Wonderful voice and rendition.”


“Absolutely fantastic! So tenderly and beautifully sung!


“10 stars!”




“Beautifully sung, a stirry rendition…”


“Beautiful voice! you make me cry…”


“Very good voice and excellent phrasing and sense of communication. Great music!”

( SarrasaniPianoCircus)

“Bella! Her voice is amazing! Timbre maravilhoso!”


“C’est vraiment tres beau, le timbre est voluptueux. C’est du velours! Bravo!”


“o voce de mezzo adevarata! si sensibila…”


“From a Mezzo to a Mezzo… Brava! You have a beautiful, soulful and honest voice. Thank you!”


“me Encanta que bella Voz… ! Bravo!”


“Brava! Very communicative and effective style,  assured intonation and well-bodied and well rounded vocal colour.”


“Brava, Cristina! Bella voce e bel feeling!”

( TinoandSusy)

“Thanks, God bless you.”


“One of the best on youtube! I adore the voice!”


“que hermosa voz y interpretacion”


“I love your way of singing, you never sound artificial and your voice is such a beautiful mezzo!”


“Beautiful voice! It is a delight to hear and see your performance.”


“Espectaculas… me encanta…”


“Wonderful voice, very good interpretation too! Congratulations.”


“bravo, c’est tres beau!”


“Amazing! Bravo!”


“beautiful voice, lovely interpretation, very good performance in all”


“really lovely, nice timbre, good french. Thank you”




“It is a pleasure watching and listening to you singing”


“Thanks for sharing with me this beautiful Christmas carol”


“Un brano davvero incantevole, grazie carissima Cristina!”






“Bravi, un grazie a tutti voi, una bella famiglia davvero!”


“Tres tres tres belle prestation! J’en ai eu la chair de poule! Definitivement, on dirait que c’est dans la famille, n’est ce pas?”




“veeeeeeeery sweet, you seem to be blessed!”


“Ce voci extraordinare, ce interpretare, ce talente! Bravo!”


“A wonderful performance by both sisters. Beautiful voices singing Offenbach’s unforgettable music…”


“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! You are unique as 2 sisters that are singing in such a perfect way!”


“C’est vraiment tres joli: les voix sont pures, le ton adapte, les cantatrices ravissantes et sympathiques, la prononciation francaise proche de la perfection, Bravo! Quel plaisir!”


“”Thank you for making our lives beautiful!”


‘wow, wonderful! thanks to share”


“very beautiful and sensitively done, thanks”


“God this is beautiful…”


“I have been looking for the best version of this song and I found it! pitch was peerfect! such sweet voices! bravo!”


“Absolutely beautiful!”


“God, this is so utterly beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for posting this.”


“bellissimo, grazie…”


“I am totally mesmerized”


“Thank you for dedicating your life to bringing such beauty and uplifting hope through your amazing blending of voices. I have cried many tears of joy listening this over and over.”


“Merci, merci, merci a Offenbach d’abord, aux deux superbes chanteuses qui ont toutes deux une voix d’or, et a mezzocristina!!”


“Beautiful singing, beautiful women, beautiful music, life is GOOD!! Many thanks, mezzocristina!!”


“Purely Awesome!”


“Most beautiful rendition of this piece of music. Well balanced duo. Could listen to this all day. Also beautifully played by the pianist. Thank you all.”


“SUBLIME! What beautiful singing!”


‘gorgeous and inspiring!”


“I can not avoid to have a tear at my eyes listening to you both. Congratulations.”


“I first listened to this song on the movie Life is Beautiful. Ever since I have been entranced whenever I listen to this duet. Anybody that can sing this song, by my definition, will remain forever timeless. Winners of singing competitions will come and go, but performances like this one will remain timeless. Bravo!!”


“che duo, che aria, che grazia, altre giovani voci per melodie eterne che tornano come il sole che nasce ogni giorno. Eccelente!”


“Esplendidas sus voces. Hermosisimas sus personas. Me han puesto en un dilema. Ambas me encantan. Felicitaciones a ellas y al maestro Iordachescu.”


“girls – I don’t know whether you or your voices are nicer! my god, it’s heaven!!”


“Wunderschon – wonderful!”


“Thanks for sharing your art and talent with us!”



1 Comment

  1. Hello,

    Your interpretations are wonderful, many thanks for your videos in YouTube!
    I like very much mezzo voices.
    I was lucky to hear Vesselina Kasarova in France last year.
    Will you sing in France ?

    Will I be lucky that you visit my site 🙂

    Best regards,

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