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Harpsichord 3

The Music Studio “Mozart’s Children” is an individual project dedicated to keeping the love for classical music alive. The extraordinary benefits of studying classical music have been proven by important scientific studies all over the world. Classical music education is not a privilege, it is available to anyone who wishes to enrich their culture, to elevate their spirit. And Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the wonderful Austrian composer, represents the genuine symbol of the great classical music. Mozart’s music and life are springs of joy of the heart, for the soul, for the spirit. The mozartian music opens the gate to a magic world for anyone who wishes to know it!  The Music Studio aims to bring people closer to classical music, to help them discover and cultivate their musical talent and their sensibility. Through the activities of the Studio, under the guidance of mezzosoprano Cristina Iordachethe students, be they children or adults, will learn to listen to classical music and understand it, to sing, to play the instruments dear to Mozart’s heart: the piano and the harpsichord, to read a score and recognize the instruments in the orchestra, to discover wonderful stories from the lives of great composers such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann; they will go to symphonic concerts, to opera performances, in the attempt to make a bridge over the time with the musical education provided to the children of the cultural Vienna in the 17th and 18th century, in the quest for the path on which their sensibility may blossom… 

The music lessons are individual. For more details please send a mail to:  

mozartschildren at 


Harpsichord 1

Harpsichord 2

The Music Studio  MOZART’S CHILDREN offers:

Voice lessons in classical singing: technique, style, interpretation: beginner to professional level

Piano lessons: beginner to intermediate level

Notions of music theory 

Music auditions in the studio, in the opera or concert halls 

English, French, Italian lessons

Voice  lessons are tailored to the student’s individual goals and abilities. Posture, breathing, vocalization, diction, sound placement and singing technique are incorporated into each lesson. Great emphasis is put on mastering style and interpretation, for there is much more to performance than beautiful vocalizing. 

The music lessons are individual. For more details please send a mail to:  

mozartschildren at 

Cristina and Dan Iordachescu

Cristina, Dan, Irina Iordachescu

Singing Mozart

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, travelling on a night train, sees, in the arms of two ordinary people weary of a hard life, a splendid child, a being in which the angel soul will never have the chance to bloom in spirit. Moved, Saint-Exupery understands that in each of the people he lays his eyes upon, there is an assassinated Mozart. “Only the Spirit, if he blows upon the clay, only he is capable of creating Man”, says Saint-Exupery. 

Only the gardener of a child will be able to plant within them the love for everything beautiful, to develop their sensibility, to discover their talents and help them grow their fruit. In any child in this world lays that divine seed that can keep Mozart alive! 

Mozart child - painted by Greuze


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